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Fighting The Fap

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First of all, gotta say how much I love this FAP  :cry:

I'm looking for a good d/l manager to control my bandwidth.  I download semi-large anime episodes(between 150mb and 190mb) and I always get fapped with like 20mb left in the ep.. It really pisses me off.  I figure if I can just set it to d/l at around 60kb/s I should be alright.  Think?

I searched a couple sites, nothing really described what I was looking for and I didn't want to have to d/l each on to check and see if it had bandwidth control.  Figured it be easier to ask somewhere...  :roll:

Don't even know if it will work, Either way I would like to try it, so if anyone know of a d/l manager that allows you to control your bandwidth that would be awesome,  thanks.


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