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30% Upload or faster kills download. Help plz!


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This is the problem I've experience over the past 8 months or so: I test over my down/up caps (6mbit/768kbit) all the time like a lot of Adelphia customers but if I upload at more than 30kb/s (average test here is ~105kb/s), I cannot download faster than 350kb/s (average test here is ~6.5mbit).  Some of you out there might be wondering why this is bothering me.  Well, I share this line with the rest of the family and it is important for me to be able to upload files at a decent speed while they browse the web.  Anyway, I figured maybe somebody else has had this same problem and can give some advice.  Thanks in advance.

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basically the problem you are experiencing is due to the following:

your dl depends in part on the source receiving confirmation that the packets it sends to you are in fact being received. due to the rather chaotic nature of routing on the web, packets do not always follow the same path from one place to the other, they will take whatever path is available at the time, or rather whatever path is assigned to them by the routers they encounter along the way.

do a traceroute, this illustrates the sometimes roundabout paths taken.

what happens when you are ul-ing is taking up part of your upstream. (duh) this capacity however is also needed for the comp to send acknowledgments to the servers you are dl-ing from. the drop you described means that you are basically experiencing an overuse of your upstream, meaning that some acknowledgments are being delayed, hence the source is waiting for them and not sending you any more data.

one possible solution, that depends mainly on how steady your ul's run, would be to increase the number of packets the comp requests "in the blind". this means the source will send x number of packets before expecting the first acknowledgment. this will work only if the ul's you run are not constantly eating up the ul, leaving windows for short bursts of acks to make it out, keeping the dl running. if the ul's run at constant high speed, well, then you're basically sol, sorry to say.

the changes would have to be made to all the comps on your net, how depends on the os used and what tweaking tools you have.

good luck, i have the feeling you're gonna need it.

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that topic should give you all the info on tweaking tools you need, and how to set them. froim what you describe though, you are using some form of p2p software to ul stuff. that means what i described won't change much. the only solution will probably be throttling the ul more. play with the speeds and see what happens. if youre d/ling at 350kB when u/ling you're still at over 2.5 mbps though, which should be plenty fast enough...

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