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Bandwidth usage

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I got this from the Comcast forums. It's from four messages posted by a Comcast tech in the topic linked below.:


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Comcast monitors the network in your area and if there is an exuberant amount of bandwidth being consumed on your node, Comcast will pick out the bandwidth hogs on that node and warn them to decrease their usage or sign up for a higher tier of service.

So basically, there is not a limit on how much bandwidth you are allowed to use and we recommend that you use the Internet for what you want without worrying about bandwidth restrictions. If your usage is found to be excessive and degrades others connected to your node, you will be given a warning first and then asked to reduce the usage within the next 30 day cycle. If usage is decreased to a nominal level, no further action is taken against the customer. But if the excessive use is continued, the account may be suspended for a few months.

Hope this answers the question but please post back if you have any additional questions.

Posts: 3,241   From: [email protected]

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