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The 46 Best Ever Freeware Utilities


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Guest Hyperspace

I like the list...it seems well updated. I put it in my favorites.

I'm removing it from my favorites. The list is NOT all freeware. I installed Kerio Personal Firewall (#5) got it all setup and configured...then I see it's a 30-day trial thing.


Edit: I don't get it. It says: Limited free edition Kerio Personal Firewall is FREE for home and personal use. When I installed it said 29 days left...Oh well, maybe I'm not finding the correct link.

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Hyperspace; On the Kerio firewall I think it works like this you get to try the full function version for 30 days.Then you have to buy & register it to keep the full function version.If you don't want to buy  it  then it turns into the more limited function free home version.I don't have the Kerio firewall but I have checked it out & I beleive that is the way it works.

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Cholla, Sounds like the voice of experience.

You hit that nail on the head.It was several months ago when I first DLed Easy Cleaner I ran the duplicate files option & thought I was deleting just duplicate files so what would be the harm in cleaning the HD up some.I ended up reformatting because the OS needed some of the files in both places.

Easy Cleaner is a good program though I use some of it everyday.Just the duplicate files is for experts.The unnessary files option is usually just junk you can get rid of.

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