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you stealing the idea from BBR, but i agree with you, there are a few other sites out there that rate ISP but we could start it also because i think its a very important for some one who wants to get broadband or thinking about changing plus there are things that could be better in BBR review

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We could have a section where people rate/review their ISP. It would be helpful for people that may want to change ISP's. Yea, I know, stealing ideas from BBR  :evil6: .

:iamwithstupid: it could be a simple sticky under each isp's section. Maybe I will try it out this weekend and just see how it goes. Just kind of a beta thing it could be removed anytime. Then if CA3LE likes it he can do whatever. :D
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I think it's a good idea.

You could use the existing speed stats from testmy.net and add in sections for user ratings on service, price, customer service, downtime, etc...

Then could have a forum section associated with each (if not just the existing ISP sections).

One problem I can foresee and is big fat sissy liars :angry5::cussing: screwing up the whole thing with false info. (sorry, lost it there for a second.lol)

May need to work around that via IP address, or something.

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