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New comp virus' out lately?


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No I don't want one. :lol::):-|

Anyway, I'm asking because, lately when checking my router logs, I've been noticing a few ping of death attacks over the past few days. This hasn't happened before. They seem to be coming from random IP's, rather than just one.

Obviously I'm not to worried because the router is stopping the attacks, just wondering.

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That may be, but you still have an IP address... with a good connection, people could scan the entire internet in a relatively short time (relatively. it would still take a while.)  Since your IP starts with 24, you get hit sooner... just a thought...


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netmasta....I think I saw PHP selling your IP on EBay the other day.....LOL!

J/K you guys........ :haha:

keep in mind, netmasta's IP isn't the only one I see ;)

I'm not implying anything either :D

Not that I could even do anything, with this horrible internet I have and all... :haha:

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