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I am just about to signup with groundcontrol.com, contract in hand.  For the new dw7700 its $2600 install with .98 meter 2 watt pole mount and $119 a month for "small office" and a 500 meg fap.  Problem is dw7700 ONLY works on amc9.  If that bid falls out of the sky so does my service.  Anybody have amc9 in FL - any good???

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Hello TheSaint ..........Welcome to the forums.

To be honest with you I have seen a lot of disappointed souls go with directWay, So you might want to reconsider unless it is your only choice for a ISP.

If you read the heartache some have gone through with them , you will know what I mean.

Just my opinion, and good luck with whatever you decide.    ;)

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Thanks for the advice.  :confused1: Yes I do realize the generally bad impression direcway has left on everyone; however I am moving into an area next week with no cable or dsl.  Wildblue isn't available until (at least December).

Ground Control and others like skycasters are are selling "business" class direcway which had a 500 meg+ fap and US based tech support.  The friggin' install alone is $2600.  But from the few comments I can see on other forums people some somewhat happier than with the residential version, and, its not like I have a choice.

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Looks like amc9 has a good footprint in Florida so you should get a great signal.

I think business class direcway is the best bang for the buck.  Unfortunately, direcway has greatly oversold their bandwidth, but you are much more likely to get some bandwidth on a business class account than a consumer account.

I do experience slow downs like everyone else, but for the most part I get better than advertised speeds for my account (dw6000 professional).

Good luck.

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