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DW4000 networking...confusing...


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OK here goes...  I have a dw4000 system and have been a subscriber for several years.  Not as fast as cable but am glad that I do not have to use dial up.  Lately my speeds have been slower than normal on my client computers but not on the host computer.  I have the network running like it always has but my speeds on the two (2) client computers are terrible.  My DL speeds on the host computer are ranging around 1.2-1.7 Mb/sec but the client computer speeds are running 200-300 Kb/sec, almost 80% less. 

My network consists of three (3) computers, all running XP.  They are hardline connected via Cat5 through a 10/100 ethernet hub.  Nothing has changed that I am aware of except for the super slow speeds on the client computers.  I have tried to reset the networking perimeters but that has not helped the issue... I have upgraded the LAN card thinking that maybe the card was going bad in the host CPU, but that was not the issue... I was even thinking that it was a Cat5 problem but the slower speeds are too consistent on each client computer.

I have placed an order for the DW6000...is this the wrong move?  I know that it will simplify the networking issues, but will it create another spectrum of problems.  I am aware of the FAP that is more controlled by the 6000 system but am not that concerned about reaching my limit.  Is that the only real issue here with the DW6000 system...Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.

Confused in Rural USA

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Hey, its my first time here. saw the prob with dw4000. I'm a Hughes Network Certified Directway installer, so i thought maybe i could help. I've found that the 4000 modem can be a bit faster in raw download speed, but not in upload at all. Also the 4000 get real touchy and unreliable after a few years.

Also, whats your signal and isolation numbers at? Can you trace the coax cable from the modem to the ground block, then to the dish? Check all the connections for corrosion or other crap in them. Check groundblock as well. If any of these things show a decent amount of blackness or other discolorationg replace them.

If you can find out through the software what your signal numbers are and what satellite your on, (usually through the info on the system tray icon) i can tell you if your out of alignment.

hope i helped. any questions i can answer i certainly will

loon tune

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I've got a network hooked up with my 4000 also.  It runs alright but not like I was hoping.  The Dway support told me NOT to use the LCCU tool!  So does it work with the 4000 models or not?  Cuz I don't know why they told me not to use it =/

I belong to DirecWay uncensored and they said to install it . I used the on that they had. As you see in my sig. at the bottom that I have 5 comp.on my network.

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