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Blonde Chick With A Sweet Little Kitty!!!! ADULTS ONLY


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F*ck you.  :angry5:

LOL, j/k  :haha: :haha:

I was just read to delete this post. I should have known.


Yea I wasnt to sure about the name of the post but its not funny any other way. Ill delete it shortly or move to off topic I just wanna see how many people I can nail.

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hahaha...i bit it too...but i knew coming from shugg what it was...gotta love ya :) sweetest pic of the day

helloimtim...i'd bet money that the joke was on u...she's probably to this day still giggling inside knowin' that ya'll think she's just sweet ol' granma...granma's and granpa's invented this shit ya know...she just wanted to see what words you'd use to "explain it"...i play that game all the time :haha: but it was a hilarious story...bring it up to her again...see what she does

ps...i love how this thing corrects my foul mouth for me...so i don't have to worry about it...fagitaboudit

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Yes I am a pervert bless my heart. Lets face it why do most guys surf the net. The only thing better than porn is Free porn. Whooooooo hhhhhooooo.  Short story but true. While takeing my grandmother home one day we past what she said was the hunt farm. My GF at the time was with me. I kinda laughed and said woner if there is a mike living there. Me and My Gf just giggled. Well out of no where grandma pipes up. Whats so funny about Mike Hunt. Then the laughs ang giggles really started and I just couldnt stop. She kept asking the same question. Finally get her home. I Finally manage to shake the giggles and so does my gf. We walk into her home. My Uncle and My sis were both waiting. Kid you not. She looked at them and said. I just dont understand these 2. Whats so funny about mike hunt. We all laughed for about 20 min and Finally shook the giggles and changed the subject. I love my grandma. To this day I neve explained it................ :D.........P.S. This was Not done on purpose. Spur of the moment.

Mike Hunt  :haha: :haha: Never gets old. We males will always be 12 at heart. (that's right ladies, it is true).

Leave it to Shug to start a topic like this; thanks, need a good laugh.....

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Funny ...but... Im not really too sure im going to keep this topic name.. .. This topic does appear on the front page and PU*S*Y isnt the first thing that should be seen..

Forive me shug, you can see where im comming from here bud. ;)

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