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Upgraded to 6Mbs but not seeing more than 4.9Mbs

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Comcast told me i'am now at the 6mbs level in the Philadelphia suburbs. So far I haven't got beyond 4.9mbs down. The Comcast tech came out switched the SB4100 with a SB4101. I had ask him to give me a SB5100 but he said they were out of those. I still haven't pasted the 4.9mbs level but the upload improved from 374 to 703. The tech said it could be a weak signal problem. My modem downstream SNR is 37dB...PL -1dBmv. The upstream PL is 50dBmv. Comcast is sending out another tech to verify the signal strength in a few days. Comcast has already dropped a new cable & installed a new amp in the pedestal then switched to a new splitter. I think I'll buy a SB5100 from BestBuy...when the tech comes i'll let him try that modem to see if this is really a modem issue. I've tweaked  RWIN ..MTU with different variations but nothing gets me into the middle 5 to 6mbs range. They said the cap is at 6.6mbs.

Any input would be welcomed    :cool:

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Guest kamil234

I have the same exact problem in the Fort Lauderdale area.  I cant help you but i can tell you that your not alone.  But i have the sb5100 modem and I am running on the 8Mbps connection and I can't get past 4.9 either.

i got a 10mb connection and i got 9450Kbps the most...also runnin on a motorola sb5100

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