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Alright, for all you tech wizards out there what is the better service, FiOS or Adelphia Extreme.  In a hypothetical sense of course, because i know that most people wouldn't have both.  But I already have aldelphia premier and I'm waiting for Extreme to hit my area (PA).  But I won't even waste my time with it if FiOS is truly the better service.  I'll just switch ISPs cause all I'm looking for is the bang for my buck.

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From what I know,the backbone can support 660 Mbps and 122 Mbps for the upload,I dont know about a single fiber strand though :haha:

I think thats what he meant.Also that is shared within 32 users so its plenty for the customers.I also heard that when Verizon upgrades their system to GPON,it will be capable of 1.5 Gbps/660 Mbps :shock:

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I stand corrected then :haha: :haha:

Actually, I wasn't correcting you, I was trying to correct myself.  However, my correction was wrong and my original post stands.  I should know better than to doubt myself.  There was a reason 660 stuck in my head.

See http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,12647441 or http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,11357587~mode=flat

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