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Odd Hits With Grande communications (Cable Tv, Net, and Digital Phone)


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so here i am, forced to be on grande communications internet here at my "house".... and i see hits goin off like crazy on my firewall...

now ive check out all the stuff, i know what its from and what type of bugs make these house calls...

im just curious as to if any one of you on these forums use Grande Communications for your isp to see if you might get the same hits as me (pretty much ip's ranged around the world... hmm gee routed?? probly but none the less ports are basicaly 1026, 1027, 100000, 68,443, 80, 6129.. ect ect)

so if any ones getting these repetitive hits reply to this o_o cuz uh grande sux :D:evil::twisted:

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It looks like you are being hit by spam and people looking to hijack your computer..

1026/1027 are ports used for Windows Messenger Spam or worms.

68 look like it is DHCP client oriented.

443 is SSL HTTP

Are you running a webserver on this connection?  that might explain the large influx on these ports.. people trying to hack you webserver..  As long as you are blocking them.. it shouldnt be a big deal.. if you feel really brave you can call the ISP and tell them that your firewall is going crazy..

BTW what firewall program are you using? 

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yeah i know what most of those ports are for, i get the listing from http://www.sonomawireless.com/~ports/port1-99.html

and nope no webserver here, this is purely an issue brought up from the isp it self (i suspect the ip blocks they have are already listed in many bugs)

fw = zone alarm pro

and the isp...... well we wont get in to that on these guys board cause i got alot of horrible cussing to do about them

ive reported the hits and they dont do a thing even tho on any other isp i have ever had none of these hits happen


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