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Very very fast pcs

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I was talking to t a friend and he said that they made dual processor speed pcs so I went looking for one and I found one but amd then I decided since I know servers have multiple cpu to look at them. So I did and I put on together with 4 or Quad cpu running at 3.4ghz and some of the ones I saw had 4mbs buffer on the cpus so I thought DAMMMM!!! Then I looked at the ram and DAMMM AGAIN some up to 64gbs of ram but the only problem was that the ram on all of them were like 233 or 200 or something not like mine 400 and so I thought that wasn't good. But I figured and calculated and for 2-3 thousand I could put me together a server or pc with 4 3.4ghzs cpu running with 4mbs buffer and about 4gbs of ram that would still leave me the ability to later and more ram up to 32gbs or 64gbs and I wa thinking sounds very good since I know alot of people who spend about 2000 on a new pc anyway with on cpu and about 4 max ram so I was thinking would it be worth putting one together for myself since the ram is like 200/233 not 400 like my other!!! I was also thinking about just buying a new board that supports 4 cpus and alot of ram so I can almost always upgraade if I want what do you think?

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Good luck building a system like that with any kind of a budget in mind.

Also, most of today's OSs really don't support multiple processors that well, that is unless of course you are running multiple resource demanding programs. Then assign one program to a proc and another program to another proc.

Just wait until 1st half 2005. The Athlon 64 FX with be Dual Core. That means that a stock Athlon 64 FX will basically be two procs. Get a 4x mobo, and you will have the processing power of 8 procs :) Not to mention, 64 bit.

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