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Why you shouldnt steal laptops from Burkley


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"His story was not only over the top but technically implausible, which tons of you called out in the comments. Well, it turns out Jasper Rine did, in fact, make the whole thing up in an attempt to scare the kid into giving the laptop back. And it didn

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dumb ass. First off its so wrong to steel one's computer or anything that someone else paid for,  second if your going to do it then do it right. Turn off the wi-fi and format that thing the minute you get it with out going into windows.

That guy needs to go to jail , for being so stupid.

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put a new HD instead, certain agencies can still see what was on the harddrive even if you formatted it

If you format a HD its wipes the index when you do a quick format when you do a full format it wipes the entire platter clean, then creates a new index, so there is no chance of getting your data back ever.

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"The San Francisco man who was arrested told police it is his practice to install a new operating system or erase and wipe clean old data from a computer before posting it for sale online," the university said.

not real bright. he practically admitted to being a repeat offender.

the only thing going for him is that that way he can try to weasel out of the id theft charge. but i'm sure the DA will try to find a way to stick it to him.

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