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What router do i GEt??


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hey guys whats up?? i'm trying to set up a little network between my desktop and newly purchased laptop.. any ways i currently have comcast 6.0 which is on a motorla sb5120.. my questions is what router do you guys recommned for me to get.. The laptop is a centrino.. so i'm guessing all i need is a router right?? any other methods or connection please let me know.. your reply will be greatly appreciated.. thxs agin!! ;)

one more thing should i get a usb cable to make a direct connection from my desktop to laptop or should i get a firewire cable?? whats better??  thxs for the help!

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router to desktop, modem, and the wired connect to the laptop when at sdesk: network cable. anything else is bs, will just slow you down. choice of router: depends on your budget, just make sure it's got g wireless. if you need extra good range etc, then some people here will dig up comparsons and offer suggestions. good luck

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one more thing should i get a usb cable to make a direct connection from my desktop to laptop or should i get a firewire cable?? whats better??  thxs for the help!

You should get neither.. what you really want is an 802.11g router.  That should give you enough overhead speed on the comcast 6mb plan..

I use dlink equipment..  Some people love it some hate it..

I would be reluctant to use any of the Mimo routers at this point... the specs have yet to be approved.. and in the future they may not be compliant to the mimo devices..

Here is what I would recommend..

DI-624 by Dlink



NOTE: Those test results were with their 108mb adapters.. however, the range should stay consistant for g based adapters.. meaning.. you should get fast speeds from 0-120 feet..





NOTE: These test results are using their cards with afterburner technology.. Centrino does not support afterburner..

As far as other brands.. it is up to you.  If I were you I would watch the newspapers on Sundays.. to see what the retail stores are offering.  You are not going to need to get an adapter for any computer.  Unless your desktop doesnt have a networking card installed.  Most of the newer desktops have NICs on the motherboard.  you can check by looking at the back and if there is a telephone looking connection that is a little bit wider then you are set to go.

The general setup for this system will look something like this..  Modem to the router using cat 5.  then the router to the desktop using cat 5 and to the laptop via wireless.

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