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Post System Properties To Show Computer Basic Info'


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using a computer and abusing a computer are two differnt things....

using: dont run it for millions of hours a month

abusing: well most of you do it; leave it on forever.

then again power sergurs hurt

but think about the HDD and the power period.

you try being ran for days / weeks / months

get right, whatever you can afford is fine...

people dont buy pc's to just watch em grow rusty..

either they need it or want it.

think about what you could afford if it wernt for your parents (to all kids on the forum)

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the best way to max out your mtbf is actually to leave it running 24/7. the one thing that huirts a hard drive most is spinning up/down. once it's at operating rpm, the bearings are at just the state they are designed for, there is no strain on the motor like when it has to accelerate to reach it's rpm etc. etc. goes for the fans and stuff too. surges in the electronics during power up/down are also harmful. google for diagrams on surges during the switching of a ps. some of them spike rather badly before stabilizing their voltages.

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