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Newb here...


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Hey folks,

Thought I'd drop by and introduce myself. I think testmy.net is probably one of the best test sites I've come across.

I'm a moderator on the networking section at http://forums.abit-usa.com and I'll probably end up pointing some people in this direction.


I have to disagree, I dont think its one of the best, it is the best. :D Welcome to the forum and I am sure anyone you point this way will be welcomed and pleased with the site. By the way I am Shug... I am the guy who hangs around with no real knowledge..just kinda hangs I guess :lol: . Seriously I suck and welcome, although I am a dumbass many here know what they are doing.

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I have a pretty quick net where I'm at...and it was laughable because "The Bandwidth Place" was showing my speeds as:

72.9 megabits per second

Communications 72.9 megabits per second

Storage 8.7 megabytes per second

1MB file download 0.1 seconds

Subjective rating Unbelievable


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Unstable....well yes, aren't we all? Welcome. You will find this forum has a diverse (I mean perverse) following.

There are actually people that know what they're talking about and can help others in troubleshooting.

There's people like me, who don't really know much and are here basically for comic relief.

Then there's shug7272, who hangs around only because we feel sorry for him. He doesn't usually have any contributory things to say, but we humor the little guy.

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