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Miranda Speed Test

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this is a java speed test that we use at work it is often times more accurate then our's testmy.net or internetfrog.com

not to say testmy.net is bad but we have seen some low speeds where as with miranda it comes up fine just figured i woiuld post it here...if its already here excuse the post.

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Thanks for the post.  I have also seen a significant string of bad results fom various NDT sites.  I think a lot depends on proximity to the node your testing against.  I know my connection and it's proximity to the testmy.net servers is almost next door (about 14 miles).  I get single digit latency across all hops to the testmy.net site.  For me, testmy.net IS the benchmark site. 

Where is the testmy.net server??

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like i siad i didnt mean to speak bad about the testmy.net servers this place kick's ass! i love it in fact I'M the one who recommended using Testmy.net as a sort of standard speed test site in the RI FSC aside from the Verizon one we have and the Miranda one of course...This place is the FIRST PLACE i bring every customer i speak to regarding a speed issue.. SO BOW BEFORE ME!! LOL ...kidding :P


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