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I have SBC YAHOO DSL it has never let me down, I always got advertised speeds..

But lately the upload has been very jumpy, which isn't good running a server.

Test#1: Your connection is: 443 Kbps      (about 0.4 Mbps) You uploaded at: 54 kB/s

Test#2: Your connection is: 210 Kbps      (about 0.2 Mbps) You uploaded at: 26 kB/s

Test#3:                              444 Kbps      (about 0.4 Mbps) You uploaded at: 54 kB/s

I would really like it if it stayed in on place.

There is no spyware, the pc is 2.4ghz 1gig of ram (laptop)

Advertised speed

"512kbps up  |  3008kbps down"

So whats your suggestions?


    - james

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Omg Yahoo DSL is that fast? That kills my Verizon DSL, by about 2Mbps. So much cheaper too! Heh. I think this could be my new ISP.

Edit: Why is nothing available in my area. Oh, and sorry. I forgot that I wasn't being on topic. I can't really help, but I'm sure Van Buren could fix it for you!

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