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Comcast is Retarded

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TBaker fix the part where you mixed up the 384. It looks like you said comcast is downgrading upload. :P

Actually, Comcast is downgrading the upload.

Right now, I have 6000/768. When I get the 8000/768, I will have to stay at that package in order to keep that upload speed. If, for whatever reason, I decide that I don't want the 8Mbps down, I wouldn't be able to go back to 6000/768. I'll have to accept the 6000/384 package.

I'm happy that Comcast made it so that if you subscribe to any cable tv service (yes, even limited basic TV), you will be upgraded to the higher packages at no additional charge. :)

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What do you mean? I have Digital Cable, and the 4 mb / 384kbps package, does that mean I will be upgraded to Gold tier?

Probably not...

You will automatically be upgraded to the 6000/384 package. It's not the gold tier, but just a free upgrade because you subscribe to a cable tv package.

For $10 more, you can get the gold tier at 8000/768. :)

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You say 'had', do you still have cable tv? If so then you should be upgraded, st least soon.

I would like it lots better if my internet was half as reliable as my tv service. Eventhough they are using the same carriers I cant stay online long enough at a time to use what I currently get  :angry5:

Momma said thy'd be days like that!


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