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Net question?


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  Ok I am wondering I know alot of datacenters say they have 1gbs lines and I don't doubt it but I am wondering say you have a 1gbs line but a basic nic then will you get 1gbs? I mean my card is like a 10/100mbs nic so tops I could get would be 100mbs right? So the only way you could get top speeds or close is if you had a 1gbs nic is this right? And I am not sure they make over a 1gb nic yet or do they? I am just wondering how this goes any ideas?

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Your network is only as fast as the slowest device in the chain.

They do make 10/100/1000 mbps NICs.

Example: Click Here  (they are getting pretty cheap nowadays)

This will not help the average Joe increase his Internet speeds, but you can speed up your home LAN.

A 10mbps NIC is just that, 10mbps (actually less due to ethernet overhead).

A data center may have a 1 Gbps connection to share with all users simultaneously; they will need high end (10/100/1000) NICs.

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they dont use the normal NIC you guys see at home

they probably use fiber on  1 gigabit

that makes more sense

im not sayin fiber to every server im saying fiber 1G between switches

then maybe normal ethernet cable Cat5e on 1Gbps network cards

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