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F@H project


If you participate in the F@H project, what client do you use?  

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  1. 1. If you participate in the F@H project, what client do you use?

    • Windows GUI
    • Windows Console
    • Linux Console
    • Mac GUI
    • Mac Console

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Here is a bug topic on the issue of F@H GUI client and ATI Catalyst drivers..

The combination of FAH GUI's OpenGL and the Catalyst drivers have been the subject of lots and lots of problem reports.

This was written on August 19, 2005. I guess those are the latest Catalyst drivers..

I don't know how yours work, but even though I don't have Catalyst (just the ATI Display Drivers), my pc freezes.. Should I download and install the Catalyst drivers? What do they do btw? :)

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I saw a post somewhere where it said that if you have a dual processor system, you should run 1 program (F@H client) for the both processors and not one for each. Here is a post in the F@H forum about dual processor systems and their 'folding times':

Athlon 64 X2 4800+ (2.4GHz), 1GB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2;

07/02/05 through 08/17/05

Average Frame Time 00:17:17

Total Points 15,213.0

Points Per Hour 13.21

Points Per Day 317.04

Keep in mind NO QMDs for Athlon processors.

source=Amd Athlon 64 X2 4200

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I have never installed my own fans either.

Looking at the specs, the first one's noise level is 21dB and the second 20dB, both in quiet mode.

The quiet mode means lower RPM/air flow, but adding 2 fans will have to help.

They both look good to me.

Let us know the results of your cooling upgrade when complete.

Good luck.

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also, make sure your PS can handle the extra load... it's not much, but still...

That's a good point too.. I don't know if it can.. I only have a 300W PS, but I guess I can try.. If it doesn't shut down on boot or during a game (NBA 2005) then I guess its OK.. Do you guys know any other symptoms of inadequate Power Supply (e.g.: something concerning the voltage readings or something like that..) ?

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