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Anyone notice PHP's COOL!!!! Avatar???


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i don't get it .s1...what's it supposed to mean?...it's a graph, i know...of time spent online, i know...but what does it mean to you?...that he's actually moderating???

well i think his avatar is brilliant...for those that don't know...it changes daily i think :D...i want one :)

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1337 f0 11f3

lmao leet is like..cool..nice..good..laid back..etc

kamil234: go ahead and lyao...i'd never heard the term...but that was what i deduced...i figured it was somehow related to "elite" but spelling it "lite" really wouldn't make sense...i was just making sure it was a good thing :haha: ...but thx for filling me in...now i'm hip to the jive :haha: ...btw...what is "1337 f0 11f3 " ??? also btw...i love ur avatar too

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