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Post your Internet Service Provider/Speed History


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I wasn't sure where to put this but i'm just curious about what people have had in the past / have now

1)AOL - 56K (Terrible)

2)Verizon DSL - 1.5M/128k (Good at the time)

3)Speakeasy DSL - 3.0M/768k (Loved it at the time) switched to Comcast because of insane price for dsl at that speed at that time.

4)Comcast 3.0M/256k (Loved it at the time)

5)Comcast 4.0M/384k (Loved it at the time)

6)Comcast 6.0M/768k (Loved it at the time)

7)Comcast 8.0M/768k (Couldn't be happier with it) - Unless it was faster of course  :haha:

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1. Dial up 56k ( i think this was around 1993 to 1999) www.tele2.se

2. Cablemodem 512Kbps down and 64Kbps up (1999 to 2001) www.tele2.se

3. Fiberoptic 10Mbps up and down (2001 to 2005) www.bredbandsbolaget.se

4. Fiberoptic 100Mbps up and down (2005-) www.bredbandsbolaget.se

VanBuren :)

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1.Prodigy Classic 1989-1999 Y2K victim.  :icon_pale:

2400 Baud, 14.4Kb, 33.6Kb, 56Kb.

2.AOHell. 1995?-???? <--My mom and sister still use it, and I use my name for AIM.

33.6Kb, 56Kb

3.Mediaone Roadrunner/ Mediaone Express/ AT&T Broadband/ Comcast  Aug.1998-

1.5Mb/256Kb, 3Mb/256Kb, 4Mb/384Kb, 6Mb/384Kb

Also tried trial versions of MSN in  ~1996, meh and Compuserve in 1993. Compuserve, $9.99/Hr! PLUS $9.99 more for "extra features. Guess what? Almost eveything was premuim.

Oh, how I miss P*.

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1. AOL (Dial-Up)

2. AOL Broadband

3. Cox 3Mbps/256Kbps then canceled it and got

4. Qwest 1.5Mbps/896Kbps I hated it so went back to Cox

5. Cox once again but with the 4Mbps/384Kbps for $80 a month then came the speed upgrade 5Mbps/768Kbps for $55 then another upgrade in which I'm currently in, 9Mbps/1Mbps.

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