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Which CPU is Best?


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Oh, ok, under $400 now.

I'd definitely go with something 64 Bit.

You can get a great socket 939 board/processor for that price.

Let me look around those sites...brb. :)

EDIT: Hey Pit, are you trying to get a barebone with MB, CPU, HD...etc? Or do you have a case and just want the MB & CPU?

i got no case

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is this good HP


I already have a

1: DVD-RW and CD-RW

2: 512MB RAM and 256MB RAM = 768MB of RAM (184 pin pc2700)

3: Linksys 1Gig Ethernet PCI

4: 120Gig HDD and 80Gig HDD

5. external floppy

6.17in flat lcd

so i dont need much from them. i do want the pc to be a

1.intel pentium 4 3.0Ghz+

2.windows xp home edition sp2

i guess thats it

is either try to fix my gateway pc (which i have being trying to do) or buy new one

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It costs 400$, but it comes with hdd, 512mb of memory, media card reader and AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (2.4GHz socket 754) and 400W PS.. You could sell the hdd and memory if you don't need them and old motherboard and PS if they don't support this processor and buy a video card with those money :)

EDIT: It costs 599 but the discount expires tomorrow (August 31), but its still a good deal :)

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I have had INTEL and AMD, in both desktops and notebooks. AMD's are good, nice and fast. The intels that i have had are faster and more reliable then the AMD's ive had. Also if you break a intel for what ever reason they will ship you a new one, no questions asked. AMD you have to go through this hole 30 question process. AMD notebook processors suck. If you pare a intel with a good MB like a asus with Nforce4 chipsitel. Your going to have 1 fast machine. My next desktop is going to be a intel pentium 2.12GHz fastest processor on the market.

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ya ghostmaster Tomshardware.com.com did a benchmark with the intel pentium M 2.12GHz a AMD64 4800+ and the intel P4 EE 3.73GHz and the pentium M won in all test. They played quake 3 at 640x480. The pentium M was faster by 5-12% then both the intel and AMD. I use a pentium M 2GHz at work and that processor renders video very fast. I can't wait for the pentium 5 basted on the pentium M clocked at 3GHz. That will be fast.

hears the link:


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