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Which CPU is Best?


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me: IQ 141

SATs 1365

SATs spacial battery  730

high school national standarized tests  math 94-99 percentile

                                                          english 83-92 " "

                                                          physics 99  " "

                                                          chemistry 89 " "

                                                          biology 91  " "

also took 2 years of latin and 3 of sign language

so yeah, it would be nice if everyone was as intellgent as

especially people like you

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hey man all i remember is that this one prescott model ran pretty f***ing


i don't remember y but they are

As far as i know the entire prescott series ran hot.. there wasnt a single chip that ran "cool" compaired to the Northwood series that they replaced..

We believe there were manufacturing problems' date=' due not to the cutting-edge 90 nm process, but to the difficulties of the Prescott design. Two factors support our speculation: On the one hand the Prescott processor becomes much hotter than Northwood at similar clock speeds. The four degrees Centigrade difference we measured at one side of the Zalman coolers we used add up to at least double the number inside the processor. On the other hand, Intel hesitates to ship Prescott processors at 3.4E GHz yet.[/quote']


It is a known fact that Prescott runs hot and that you are going to need cooling not matter.. which is why the A64's caught on..  They are not heaters..

It is argued that the 2.4C from intel was the best oc processor ever released from Intel.  This was based on the cooler Northwood platform.  NOT prescott.. it was possible to get this processor up to 3.3 with active cooling..  As far at AMD goes.. I know that the 2500+ moble was a good model for the overclock.. I am fairly sure that Lorne has one of these on his system..

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and jay

i didn't 4.0

i 3.0

only did maybe 30 assignments durring all h.s. though

and i still aced all the tests w/o studying

i don't remember all the scorring for iq tests but i pretty sure 141 is more than

"slightly above avg" certainly not genius or anything

but i do remember the top students at my school getting less

and they now go to the air force academy, stanford, berkely, and so on

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My P4 is the 2.4A Prescott.. As far as I know, there is only the fan installed on top of it, but I read an article on a website about that cpu and its magnificent heatsink from intel that cooled it down to about the same temp as mine (even oc'd i think..). Before reading this and checking my actual cpu temp, I was also convinced that AMD's ran cooler than Intel's cpus, but as far as I remember the author of the article said that Intel had more engineers (duh..) than AMD and they could therefore achieve better performance with their products (e.g.: more development for cpu cooling = better processors) :) .. But its true that Pentiums consume a lot of power.. Example:

System                                Idle              Max


Athlon 64 3800+ (Nforce 3)    91W            172W

Athlon 64 3800+ (KT800 Pro)  82W            162W

Pentium 4 560 (925X)            155W            258W


Site used for this results is here

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