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Is it pretty easy to ...


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change out a power supply on a HP Vectra computer? You see, both me and my friend got a computer from my middle school, and while I happily set mine up in the garage, he took the case off his, started screwing with it, and ultimately killed the HDD by pulling out the master cable while it was on. He took it apart for parts, even though he could have jsut got another HDD, and left it sitting around. So, when the PS on my Vectra died, I tried to fix it, and so did my dad, but to no avail. And the pc shop wants $180 for a new one!!!!!  :shock: anyway, so yesterday I emailed my friend, and asked him. Sure enough, he still has it, and said that all I had to do was come by and grab it and it was mine. lol!~!! yay!!! so, wish me luck, and give me any tips for doing it, please.  :-P

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its quiet easy to change the power supply in an ATX case and long as u know how to unscrew a fre screws and plug off and plug in cables

make sure the old poersupply has enough cables for all your HD and CD ROOM drives

and make sure the main connect connects in ur motherboard

is it a normal ATX case you want a PSU for?

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98 would be ATX almost fo sure

The ATX form factor was created by Intel in 1995. It was the first big change in computer case and motherboard design in many years. ATX overtook AT completely as the default form factor for new systems. Some related designs include mini-ATX and microATX. ATX addressed many of the AT form factor's annoyances that had frustrated system builders. It is Intel's intention that ATX will eventually be replaced by BTX.


Should be fine just a normal PSU

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it is going to be ATX..

as far as being charged 180 bucks for a new one.. that is normal for a manufacturer.. if it break charge 3x times what it would cost to go out and buy one locally..  I had a friend who had a hard drive die in a eMachine.. he called tech support and was told that he can only use emachine hard drives in that computer.. something about having a special chip on the hard drive...  they wanted 120 bucks for a replacement.. 

Instead i went to bestbuy.. got a 120gig drive for 50 bucks after rebates.. I then called tech support and they gave me the same lecture.. and said that it was a special chip.. at which time i asked to speak to a supervisor.. and told him that what he and his techs were telling people was wrong.. and that his is why their tech support is rated so low.. 

He hung up on me..  :cry: :cry: :haha: :haha: :haha:

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