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Motorola Signal Booster


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In my experience this product has actually had a really positive effect on my broadband and tv signals (Less grainy signal/no loss of internet connectivity).  I was wondering if anyone has ever seen or used one of these? 

Check out circuit city and search for "signal booster"

here's the link but I know sometimes circuit city links don't work.


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Guest kamil234

never heard of it, but reviews seem mostly positive, you can try it out if you want to, if you dont see good results just return it back.

nevermind, you said you have it..lol

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Just to be clear I would only recommend this product to people who either

A) Have a weak signal or older wiring.

B) Split their connection multiple times.

My upload increased about 5kbs and my download about 20-30 kbs the main benefit was that I have not had a loss of service since I have installed it (back in march) and was experiencing frequent outages before that (1-3 times per month)

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Well here's the thing I really don't think it's worth the investment if you already have a good signal.  In my case my cable was split almost 7-10 times till my modem.  I managed to reroute it and have it on the main splitter which splits 4 times. Our tv's tended to have double images and snow and my cable modem would lose signal a few times a month.  I even lost signal after getting the cable to the main splitter which meant I had a weak signal to begin with.  I put the signal booster directly on the main line coming into our house and then to the first splitter and I have to admit the results were highly visible.  All the tv's saw a very noticible improvement and I have yet to lose my cable connection since.

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