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eh, i wouldnt complain about gas prices, back when i used to live in poland about 4-5 years ago the gas prices there were 4zl per liter and the avarage income was 1000zl per household PER MONTH

so, 1 gal = 3.79 liters

1 dol = ~3.29 zl

so on avarage, people make about $330 per month there, so the gas prices are basically 3 times higher than here. (not really, but if you compare it to income it becomes much more expensive) ..and that was 4 years ago.

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I believe that people should have to pay for what they use." This is off topic but I am going to ask something I usually get a negative response to.Do you then feel that parents should pay for 100% of their childrens education & that this should be no burden on the tax payers?Meaning they would pay per year per child what it costs to educate their own children.Which I beleive in Texas is approximately $8000. per year per child for public school.

Well, that's a good question and it doesn't have a simple answer.  So here is the best I can give you.  The cost of NOT educating our children is far higher then the cost to educate them.  I do believe that people should pay for their children's education and if you own a home in the state and you have children in the public schools then you do pay quite a bit.  My annual school tax for example, is over $3000 per year.  I'm not sure I agree with your $8000 figure to educate a child since I can send my daughter to a private school for less then that.  I'd say it's closer to 3K to 5K in which case I AM paying for my daughters education.  However, if I had no children then I'd still happily pay my annual school tax since every child deserves a good education. 

I could certainly afford to pay the price of my childs education and would be happy to do so if my school tax was dropped.  However, there are a great many who could NOT afford to pay that price and would simply not be able to send their children to school.  Statistics clearly show that uneducated people more often then not ultimately become a burdon to society.  So eventually you're going to pay the price for not educating those kids and I can assure you that it will probably be a much greater price.  You can pay me now or you can pay me later.

Thanks My Friend

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FiosFiend: Our discussion is getting off topic so I will keep it short.This is a per school district breakdown of cost per year per student in Texas..Usually between 6 & 8 thousand.


I have heard about the cost of not educating.But this is still the parents responsibility & they shouldn't have children if they can't afford to raise them.Simply if it took till they were 70 to finish paying the state for their children's education that's what it would take.The children could be required to help pay once they became adults.This way they would be educated with the responsible parties paying.

I do think credit companies like Visa & banks should be limited to 10% like individuals are.I have never understood why the aren't guilty of Loan Sharking.

I liked your ending My Friend so I will use it too.

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