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Why cant there be mini C.O's that deal out Business Dsl

Guest Team i2d CorP

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Team i2d CorP: if I understand your topic you are talking about Central Offices of Phones Companies.I think the term for mini C.O.'s would be remote terminals.They do have these but they are expensive so the proffit generated by customers has to be enough to warrant a remote terminal.At least that's the way I understad it.

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chill out man i talked to you for a while man and even told you its gonna be a while before anything better gets in your area.  i know i already have a better line but i'm in the same spot as you and need a faster 1 but its not here and i'm not paying double the price for 200 kb more. 

also your not a loser so stick it out like a man and wait :)

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