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wholy crapoly...


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well of course you would be able to make money for gas because we NEED gas. No matter how much we complain we still NEED to go to wrok school etc. But the way you came off sounded like you caling us all stupid for complaining about the gas prices because were willing to pay whatever for a liter of water.[move]have a nice day[/move]]

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im just saying that gas prices are the least of things worth complaining about

and the fact is you don't really have to drive every where

i manage with just a bike

i go to college, work, get groceries, and everything else on bike or foot

i can understand needing to drive to work if u commute and a few other times

but if gas prices are high enough to complain about then don't drive everywhere

limit your driving to what u NEED not what is easier

and the whole water thing is an example of how people (not necessarilly you) buy things at ridiculus prices that make gas prices seem cheap then complain that gas costs too much

its like a child complaining that he/she can't afford all the candy he/she wants :binkybaby:

u know what TOUGH LUCK 


you guys got a lot more than most

at least you have a car

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