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Texas Rulz!!! - Gov. Perry Signs Telecom Bill into Law


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  • 4 weeks later...

Im glad this got signed, now Crapter and Comcrap will have to really get to work with the HSI packages.  And SBC ... is screwed  :haha: If Verizon's smart (and I think its safe to say with their FIOS rollout theyve got a pretty good business model behind this) they will roll this out as quick as they can the all of D/FW, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso and any other major metro area.  Considering there's a large HQ for Verizon in Las Colinas (D/FW) and given the current state of the rollout in our area, I'd look for all of the Dallas area to get it soon.  No wonder cable hates it so much, now their crappy 3/256 or 6/768 plans at 40 bucks a month are gonna get slaughtered.  Im moving to a house in Keller next week and Im already drooling at the thought of download stuff at over a megabyte per second.  Chalk one up to Gov. Perry for using "GetErDun" on this.

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