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SBC Yahoo DSL problems


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Hey everyone. Been using the site for a long time to check my d/l speed, and finally decided that I should join, and start reading the forums to see if there is anything that I could help someone out with, and plus I have a problem that I am wondering if someone has had.

I have SBC Yahoo DSL. I have had TONS of problems since I've gotten it. Somewhat frequent periods of no service, often times much slower speeds than what I am paying for (I am paying for 1.5 - 3.0 Mbps) and often times getting around 300Kbps or lower. I have had them look at the problem I lost track of how many times, btw. The last few days after they fixed a problem with the phone line at the pole (??), I haven't lost service, but I have had speed problems.

Specifically the last two mornings I have had NO problems at all. The speed is fine. The last two evenings the speed has dropped down to 300K or even lower. DSL shouldn't drop in speed like cable should it? The last tech I talked to said that it sounded to him like a problem with the dsl modem.

Has anyone out there had similar problems? I certainly appreciate any insight that anyone could give me. THX!! :D

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I have SBC Yahoo DSL Pro...and I can tell you by experience that dealing with the "techs" can be a runaround. Can you post the results from a TestMy speed test please? Also goto (your modem) and tell us what it says for connected at.

Example of mine:

Connected at 3008 Kbps (downstream)

512 Kbps (upstream)

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Thanks for responding so quickly. It's sort of a moot point now, though. I've had it with them. I got home from work last night and the DSL light on the modem is once again flashing!! :angry5: indicating that the service is unavailable.

To answer your question, though, I have been to this site many times, and I would sometimes get very good results 1.6 or better Mbps, and roughly 400kbps u/l. I could easily live with those results if they were consistent. The price is right. I am paying around $30/month for the service. Unfortunately, my biggest gripe is that the d/l speed is not consistent, and the service is spotty at times. I may go for a month or more with little trouble, then I will go through a month or more with nothing but trouble. I've done everything that I can think of to rectify the problem. Installed an ADSL splitter, ran new phone line to the DSL jack hooked to the modem. You name it, I've tried it.

I'm not sure what the problem is, but whatever it is I am 99% sure that it's out of my control and out of my house. I suspect that the quality of the phone line between my house and the phone company isn't the greatest, but I really don't know???

Once again thank you for replying to my posting. Unfortunately, if I want a broadband connection, which I definitely do, then that leaves me with the option of cable--which is unfortunately a lot more money. It will be worth it, though, with the decrease in aggravation. I really wish that they had "affordable' and fast wireless where I live. That would really be awesome!! :cool:

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