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microsoft antispy


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[glow=red,2,300][/glow]Just wanted to say thank you to everybody who gave me input on my microsoft antispy question.  You were responsive and courteous and I appreciate it.  I enjoy this message board/forum.  Last one was nothing more than a verbal slugfest and obscenity -ridden.  Thanks. :!:

That is why I am here, also.

And welcome to the forum, btw.

Let me try to mimic another board (or boards):

[glow=red,2,300][/glow][shadow=red,left][/shadow][pre][/pre]I am wondering if it is advisable to install microsoft antispy if I already have Spybot S&D.  Also I was reading that microsoft antispy has vulnerability.  Before I install Microsoft Anti-spy I would like to know if the two clash.  Thanks. :?:

Reply from fat head idot #1:  Are you an idiot? Only a stupid moron would ask a stupid question like that. I am too much of a genious to help a moron like you.

Fat head idiot #2: No, fat head idiot #1, you are a moron, I am more of a genious than you.

Fat head idiot #1: No, you are a stupid moron, and I am more of a freakin' genious than you cuz I know how to call you a worse name than you can call me.

Fat head idiot #2: Oh yeah, well you are a stupid looser cry baby!!!

Fat head idiot#1: No, you're a stupider loser cry baby.

Idiot #3: You are both stupider than me!!

And so on, etc., etc., etc..................

Sound Familiar?

:haha: :haha: :haha:

All the while, no one has answered the original, simple question.

Again, thanks, CA3LE for giving us a respectable forum to be a part of....


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