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Why you prefer either IE7 or Firefox


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This isn't just another topic about which is best but which has better features that makes u like either Firefox or IE6 or 7beta.

I think firefox is better for looks, customization, the extensions and themes, how detailed the options are. All IE7 has is speed and the loading of pages while browsing seems to be smoother. Really i was just wondering why some people prefer ie7 in the first place, maybe i can understand.

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Guest helloimtim

Alot of peoples choices seem to be more out of fear than anything. How many times have the hardcore firefox useers swore fire fox was so much more secure. I have said it all along. Thats nothing but hot air and mis information. I also believe that alot of people tend to follow the crowd. Or the tend to get caught up in the newest latest greatest thing at the moment. It is somewhat easier for some to use fire fox because of the built in pop up blocker and  ad hunter. Thoes same people may not realize there is the same thing for ie. Maxthon is a good one. Avant. Lots of choices. So yes you can surf with ie with the same bells and whistles that firefox has. Go get maxthon or avant. I believe that fire fox will loose its momentum. I believe that average users are starting to realize that there is really no such thing as a totaly secure browser. I just believe that this fire fox fad will pass sooner or later. Now some may scream look at all the downloads firefox has. Yes thats true lots of them. But how many of thoes keep fire fox or use it as a default browser. In the end people will use whatever works best on there computer. Thats my 2 cents............

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i like ie because because it's the most widespread one. I can turn on pretty much any wintel box all over the world and find it, no matter if it's set up for suaheli or suomi or english, i can still find all the important menu items.

as for security, hardware firewall in the router pretty much takes care of that.

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I like Firefox better because it't more customizable. There are a lot of useful add-ons for it. My favorite being Adblock. With Adblock, you can block just about any kind of ad. Pic, flash, and even Iframe. You can't do that with IE.

You can also customize the look and feel of FF with themes. Can't do that with IE either. I also like that it's open source, which gives it a lot of potential. Sites could create customized themes and add-ons just for FF users. Also, when a security issues is found in Firefox, it's usually fixed within days, not months.

With IE you have the dominating M$ watching over you. Plus ActiveX isn't all that great, especially since it's filled with security issues.

M$, get ready for the Firxfox reveloution.  :evil6::cool:

EDIT: I forgot to add, IE 5 is the last version that will be available for the Mac. Then there's also the Linux users, no IE for them either. Those are just a couple of more reasons to switch to FF.

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