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Signal Levels...


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Here is some good reading for you....

"Thank you for contacting the Brighthouse Networks Customer Care Team in

regards to your speed concerns. Based on the information that you have

given us shows that the connection issues that you are having are not

related to our network. If you look at the traceroutes your connection

times only increase after you leave our network. I have provided a link

below to show you that there are several internet backbone providers

having problems. This will slow connections or anyone trying to contact

servers in those regions. Your connection will increase once these

providers have fixed the issues they are having.


We thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you have anymore

questions or concerns please feel free to contact us."

1    1 ms    1 ms    1 ms

2    54 ms    9 ms    10 ms


7  137 ms  198 ms  199 ms  bb2-tby-P0-2.atdn.net []

8    67 ms    67 ms    67 ms  bb2-hou-P7-0.atdn.net []

9    90 ms  125 ms    89 ms  bb2-pho-P7-0.atdn.net []

10    89 ms    88 ms    88 ms  bb1-pho-P1-0.atdn.net []

11  207 ms  104 ms    99 ms  bb1-las-P7-0.atdn.net []

12  101 ms    98 ms    97 ms  bb2-las-P2-0.atdn.net []

13  105 ms  104 ms  104 ms  bb2-sjg-P7-0.atdn.net []

14  117 ms  104 ms  111 ms  pop1-sjg-P1-0.atdn.net []

15    95 ms    94 ms    95 ms  so-6-3-0.mpr1.sjc7.us.above.net []


Ping statistics for

    Packets: Sent = 50, Received = 12, Lost = 38 (76% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

    Minimum = 24ms, Maximum = 61ms, Average = 37ms

parts of some of the things i sent them. all full traceroutes, and at least 50 pings to each bad hop... and they reply nothing is wrong. the best part is the "Thanks for bringing this to our Attention" part.. if nothing is wrong... what did i bring to your Attention? lol

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Guest thecableguy

no point, i've talked to several Sup's.. at RoadRunner, and BrightHouse... and one seems to be doing something for me... but every other one. tells me "The Network is fine, have a nice day"

i've never called 50-100ms on the first hop... fine :)

Depends on where you are hopping to actually....which BHN region are you in?

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How are these signal levels, I'm sufficiently clueless...

Downstream Channel

The data shown in the table below provides information about the signal coming from the network to your cable modem.

Downstream Status


Channel ID


Downstream Frequency

591000000 Hz



Bit Rate

7200768 bits/sec

Power Level

0.8 dBmV

Signal to Noise Ratio

34.9 dB

Upstream Channel

The data shown in the table below provides information about the signal being transmitted to the network from your cable modem.

Upstream Status


Channel ID


Upstream Frequency

24208000 Hz



Bit Rate

384000 bits/sec

Power Level

41.0 dBmV

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Speed is great...generally around 6800-6900 kbps, occasionally up to 7400.  The speed is not always consistent and sometimes really plummets, though for very short periods.  I do not know if this is normal, or how much of a speed decrease should be expected during "peak" times.  I'm not complaining, in any case. :)

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