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FTP Setup


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I set one up using Windows 2000 Pro - using the built in Win2K ftp server.

The set-up is fairly simple in this case and you can use IE to connect.

Here's a link to Win2K's ftp set-up:


If you don't have 2000 Pro or XP Pro, you will need separate ftp server software.

I am not sure who is best, but I've seen Cute FTP around.....

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Just installed the Serv-U ftp server.

This was considerably easier than the built in Win2k Pro FTP server.

Worked perfect the first time.

Connected using IE 6.

Thanks for the info, just-

Larry, try this one if you want, it is simple and easy to set-up. Thank you just-


BTW, I looked for coreftp server, and it says a beta will be available soon, but nothing right now.

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i have used all of theose ftp server that everybody mentoned, but if you want something is really east to setup and is very stable they you can't go wrong with http://www.guildftpd.com/ it has so many features from bandwidth control folder size, the abuility to make your own rules. its very simple stable and scure. i have used it for years.

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You mean buy it. :evil6:

:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: bullet prof ftp supports random ip changes and if youdont have a static ip it can come in handy and had it set up quick. its not pretty but very functional if you haven't got it already i will walk you through it send me a pm when you can

but my favorite client ftp is smart ftp

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