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xbox live hosting and how much it uses

Blunted 2

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i have been hosting a few hours a night and this is what i got from hosting with 3 xboxes and playing on another 1.

Date    Received    Sent      Total        Dialup

9/9/2005 646 MB         374 MB         0.99 GB N/A

9/10/2005 1.21 GB 667 MB       1.86 GB  N/A

9/11/2005 845 MB         984 MB       1.78 GB  N/A

9/12/2005 1.59 GB 3.66 GB 5.26 GB N/A

Week                          Received        Sent            Total    Dialup

9/4/2005 - 9/10/2005     1.84 GB   1.01 GB 2.86 GB N/A

9/11/2005 - 9/17/2005     2.43 GB   4.66 GB 7.10 GB N/A

Month                        Received  Sent          Total    Dialup

September 2005  4.28 GB   5.68 GB 9.96 GB N/A

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chill with the fighting guys

depending on the game it uses more or less but just playing it can use from 5 kb a sec to around 15 kb a sec around there in that range. as for hosting on 768 yes it can be done but it will lag a bit cause halo 2 is a game that uses whatever available bandwidth you have to make it lag less and most likely uses all your upload for that 1 match.  i myself have used over 175 kb a sec on 1 16 man game and used under 90 kb a sec on another 16 man game so it depends on alot of things how much it uses. 

tbake send me a riend request on XBL is you have it my gamertags are below.

Dilatedpeoples28 yes that crap is stupid and i have done this before i admit it but no longer do it and i know how these people do it and as soon as i see exactly how to stop it  i will e-mail bungie with a way to stop it. i think  its too late tho cause xbox 2 is comin out soon

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whoa whoa guys, i dont cheat.  the way im talking about getting host is a glitch with there whole connection grid, it requires no addition equipment, except all the equipment for xbox live. The only reason i use this glitch is because, host is the only advantage a xbl player has over another (thats not considered cheating) xbl player, SO WHY NOT HAVE THAT ADVANTAGE?


umm that is cheating if you manipulate bungie to give you host.  atleast i would say so and anyone correct me if i'm wrong but i dont think i am.

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i do to and have done alot to see how exactly it works for months.  i know exactly when it picks the host and everything and no you cant get host if your connection sucks cause bungie will see that.  in the beginning you might get host a bit but as soon as the see it your done with that bad connection so you have to be doing something. 

if you still claim to get host alot send me a friend request and see if you can get it over me and i dont force it i have a good connection.

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