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xbox live hosting and how much it uses

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Uhh i have known him for 2 years now

wtf you dont even have XBL

So.... you have kissed his ass for 2 years... I don't care how long you have known him, is that going to help me in anyway. What the heck were you thinking????? Do you wan't me to give you congrats or something just cuz you have known him for 2 years. I dunno I'm confused now. How do you know I don't have XBL dumbass? :haha:

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Holy hell in a handbasket, Crazy, dude, u dont talk to a mod like that. At all, seriously, show some respect. And you say your smart? That response looks like your an 11 year old kid trying to act big because someone insulted you. Those posts are: childish, stupid, inappropiate, unnecessary and make you look like an idiot.

Oh and blunted, I'm a.. 27 or a 28 I think. Haven't checked in a while, my GT is Flubbed Llama.

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