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Bellsouth Xtreme 6.0


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Whats with bellsouth on there new 6.0 package?

People on the forums have been saying that it will most likely come

out on September 15, and I called them and they said they don't

even know what xtreme 6.0 is. Also they had a preview of the 6.0

speeds on there http://speed.fastaccess.com website, but now

its gone! The previous speeds showed 6/512, and now they completely

erased 6.0. WTF!


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katrina is GAY.  :angry5:

Which one?  :haha:

  1.  Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.

  2. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.

  3. Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room.

  4. Given to social pleasures.

  5. Dissolute; licentious.

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