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Linksys NEW SRX200!!!!!


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looks interesting.. I saw an article earlier in the week about the sub $100 MIMO router from linksys.. this is the one.. based on true G it doesnt have the same range as a True MIMO router.. but that is alright.. it is still going to be better than what is out there.. I too am waiting for benchmarks..


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Here is what I dug up from the linksys site..


What i was able to get out of Linksys' discription.. is that it is going to be 54g on roids.. but more affordable.. the srx200 is on sale at newegg for 106.00..

At 120 feet, we observed slightly more than 22 Mbps, and at 160 feet, an amazing 15.4 Mbps.

that was for the WRT54GX Router with SRX base on the Airgo chip set which my guess is the 1.0 version of the product on the right in the pic above..  so the product on the left is going to be based on the new cheaper chip set.. hince the $30 price tag difference.. 106 to 140ish..

My guess is that we will see about 15-18Mbps at 120 ft.. and at 160 around 10Mbps..

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