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It quiet pointless to upgrade just download. Download from many websites is limited to upto 500kb/s which can be achieved with any 6m comcast connection. The only advantage of 8m connection over 6m connection that comcast provides is doubled upload speed. I would really like if they doubled their upload speed on 6m from 384 to 768 and 8m from 756 to 1512

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The higher download speeds help for me on software and media downloads. I have hit some very fast FTP sites. Also I have had multiple downloads going at full speed. For example, I got a linux suite, OS and software, that came on 3 CDs and I was able to DL all three at the same time as fast as the site could pump it out. I enjoy the download speeds getting faster and the rest of the net will eventually catch up. I would also like more than 768 up, I'm sure it will happen

I've been in the technology field for 30 years as a career and it always was a hobby as a kid the 20 years before that. I've heard many people say, "That isn't possible...", "That will never happen...", when I was in the Motorola (I worked there) computer club around 79 fellow techs in the company would say, "You all in the club are designing and building a computer with 64K of memory? What will you ever need all that memory for?", and it goes on and on. From ISP people 8 to 10 years ago I was often told high speed was way off into the future, one predicting that "maybe" some people would have 768K down and 256K up by 2006, but it would not be wide spread and you'd have to be 2000 feet or less from the CO. In the ISPs forums I suggested he find other work, he was too short sighted to be a decision maker at any ISP. Mergers and such took care of that.

The net will evolve. We will need the faster download speeds, but we will also need more up.

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Anyone heard of this line coming out in the next couple of weeks to a month?  I heard that this is available for bussiness and will be deployed for residential in the next couple of weeks?  Has anyone else found this to be true?

I called Comcast a few weeks ago and I asked them about the future 10 Mbps download speed. They confirmed that there was an upgrade in the works. But I was unable to get any dates of rollout.

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fios is on long island where i am but just about 1/2 mile too far and as soon as i can get it i will but for now i have optimum online cable  with the 2/30 package.  when comcast upgrades they will have more than most other cable isp's around and already do in alot of area's but a select few like cox, adelphia and also road runner have upgraded in some area's to compete with fios.

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my point point is: from what i've seen CC doesnt upgrade ONLY particular areas, instead they do most at the same time -- even tho they dont offer as fast as fios/ool.  IMO this is better because more of the market sees the upgrade at one time, hence more people getting the same advantage instead of a few lucky people in 2, 3....7 select cities.  Verizon is building a network so I can understand their slower roll-out but for Cable Cos, who might already have the required networks for faster speeds...they should offer faster service instead of waiting for somebody else to take the first step.  At the very least Cable Cos should attempt upgrades to justify their higher prices instead of BS'ing about how much content/services they offer.

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