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Interesting...Regarding Whitehouse.Gov


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Awhile back I put the IP address of the whitehouse.gov website...which at the time was whatever I have next to my avatar. Just for fun, I just checked it and it hath changed.

It looks like Akamai.Net, who also hosts alot of stuff for Microsoft, handle the Whitehouse.Gov site also. I wonder if they are using DHCP on servers in conjunction with Dynamic DNS to prevent any hard-coded attacks against a specific URL...like what we saw with that one worm that launched a Ddos against whitehouse.gov.

Interesting...I'd love to know more about the method behind this madness, definitely not an approach to security (if that's what this is..which I suspect)--that I have ever pondered.

Because if this was indeed the mode of thinking, it could be defeated by going off of host-name alone.

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