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Advantages of an isdn Line over normal dsl.


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I tried to get speakeasy today because i had seen the gamer package and the saleswoman said i could get 144/144 .I meen that isn't even enough to go Pc games and not lag, plus they said the lkine could handle 5 comps all at same time.

1.Price was 129.99 a month also.

2.Dedicated but probably doesn't matter with speeds that low though.

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ok in a nutshell, BS.

the saleswoman needs to get her head examined.

isdn is something completely different from dsl, it is a voice service that is superior to pots.

instead of one line with 1 number isdn gives you 2 lines with multiple numbers. that's probably where the 5 comp number comes from, i guess their basic package gives you 5 phone numbers.

you use the 2 existing wires of the potus to go into the house where you hook up the network terminator that creates the inhouse digital S0 bus. that uses 4 wires. you need isdn capable phones and cards/adapters for the comps, or an inhouse switch that converts isdn back to potus for legacy equipment.

the 144 kbps is theoretically correct, but again, bullshit.

you get 2 b channels with 64 k each and a d channel with 16 k. the d channel is however purely for connection related information and generally not used for data.

hence you get 128 if you bundle the two b channels. (most pc isdn cards can do this)

otherwise it's like having two phone lines with multiple numbers in the house. use one to surf at 64 and one to talk.

advantaes over pots: the connection is made a lot faster, no more modem negotiation since the link is already digital. the 64k speed is not a soft number like a 56k modem, it is what you actually get out of it, the speech quality is better than with pots

you can still get dsl on an isdn line, since the isdn signal uses only slightly more bandwidth on the 2 wires than the pots, and the dsl freqs can still be placed on the line.

that leaves you with a dedicated comp connection via dsl and 2 digital phone lines.

using the link for multiple comps however would mean installing an isdn access router that dials in to the isp on demand and bundles the 2 b channels (leaving you without a phone line) and then distributes to connected comps.

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no such thing as an isdn modem. it's called a terminal adapter. no need to modulate/demodulate (MoDem) since it's all digital. and yeah, course they still make em. i cannot understand why isdn isn't rolled out more in the us. out of personal experience installing it in germany isdn is the perfect way to get a second line to a house/app that has only one appartment, besides all the other advantages over pots.

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basically the data connection is dialup. just at a fixed 64k per each of the 2 channels. it's generally used for remote monitoring where the device needs to be able to call into a data center quickjly to report a condition and the like, or of course for residential internet and telephony where dsl and the like are unavailable.

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well, isdn is a step up from dialup

its a tech to replace the pots (plain old telephone system) with something a little better. like i said, the main advantage is all you need for the line to the customer is the 2 wires he already has. it takes up a little more bandwidth on the 2 wires, so your theoretical maximum with parallel dsl on that line reduces by a few percent. but the main trick feature is that the signal on the 2 wires gets converted onto a 4 wire bus in the house and all devices connect to that, making the whole setup fully digital for better voice and constant data speed. look it up on howstuffworks or similar site.

the main difference to dialup on analog lines that you will see is that the connect only takes tenths f a second, since the signal is already all digital and no handshake procedure is necessary, and the guaranteed 64 k instead of the soft 56k on analog.

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