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CableVision is expensive... Can't wait till Verizon FIOS/Video offering is ready


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CableVision has a special for satelite customers although for loyal cable customers they continue to charge about $130 bucks a month for cable/premium channels/cable modem.

Mean while, had i been a satelite customer, i could have taken advantage of 'triple-play' which would have gotten me cable/cable modem/voip for $100 bucks a month.

because CableVision couldn't offer me anything I tried for Verizon DSL.  That was a mess.  The customer service support was not able to get it to work.  Something about signal issues although that was the end of it.  I just canceled and now use FIOS.

FIOS is excellent for the price.  it's cheaper than cable modem and faster.  key detail is that it is a true alternative.  even if dsl works it is definately slower than cable in my area.

i'm up at new city, ny rockland county.

just to clarify, cable vision service is fine although their pricing and approach to retaining customers is their achilies heal.  had they just offered me the same promotion, i'd still be on their service.

now, i can't wait for FIOS Video offering is available so i can drop cablevision all together.

hopefully just another couple of months.

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