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amc11890 is correct.

I went and got BootSkin from Stardock. Here: Bootskin It's free. :)

After that, I download as many as I wanted from here: Wincustomize

I have the program setup to change on every reboot. It looks awesome, and there isn't any slow down to speak of. :)

What I've attached is a pic of the program itself, an example skin, and a .rar file which contains several good skins to use.:)

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i have tried a couple of these progrmas once and they ended up making avast and ad-aware go crazy. So what program from the ones discussed will not do that? Also, some of the bootscreens i dl also had the same problem. thanks

hey man....i dont have avast...and also....does it make only avast go crazy cause if it's only avast...then yea i'm not worried about it...and i already have programs that i have from microsoft and they show up as threats...so yea i'm used to it.....but thanks for the advice

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