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Ok i was able to get some ball park numbers..

This is all based off of T1 pricing..

T1(1.544Mbps)= $450 per month

OC-3(155Mbps)100xT1s = $45000

OC-12(622Mbps) 4xOC-3s = $135K

OC-48(2.5 Gbps) 4xOC-12s = $540K

OC-192 ( 9.6Gbps) 4xOC-48s= $2.16million

Again this is just rough guess.. OC-24 would be 2xOC12s.. so about $270K per month.. lol that would be one hell of a connection..

Just to put into perspective how fast that is..  You would need a PCI Fiber NIC..


The speed test would result in something around this range.. 155.5 MB/sec [Megabyte-per-second] Which is faster than than PCI v1.0.. So you would need PCI 2.0 which has a pipe of 533MB/s... That is for a OC-24..

Hope that helps a little bit.. one other thing.. this is not going to come in like cable.. you are going to have to have some pretty expensive routing equipment..

I am not sure how accurate that 17k i posted earlier is really correct.. OC-3 - 155 megabits per second (100 T1s) Ave. cost $20,000.-$45,000./mo.


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How much would the loop cost on a t1 or so and how can the t1 be cheaper than the fractional t1(144/144) . What is up with that seriously is it a hidden charge or something

My guess is that it is cheaper to offer a full speed line through the co than it is to make it a fractional line.. take a look at this.. http://t1.covad.com/products/t1/t1.shtml

As far as the local loop cost.. I am not sure that there would be any.. My guess is that is covered in the monthly price.

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No that is wrong and also the t1 from covad is 259.50 for the first 3 months, lol . and then it si 520 a month .Looks like a good deal but if i got a t1 then i would get the one from speakeasy and get that adsl line free for a year.(1.5/768)

Covad deal:

Get Full T1 Service for $250/month!

Hurry! For a limited time, we're offering 50% off the normal price of our TeleXtend 1.5 full T1 service for the first three months! You can save up to $778* and still get up to $590 in rebates PLUS free professional installation (a $450 value!).

How it works: Order Covad TeleXtend 1.5 T1 service online or by calling 1-800-555-0459, and we'll apply a 50% discount to your first three months' invoices. You won't see the discount during the online order process however it will appear on your invoices.

Covad TeleXtend service offers:

    * 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee - No risk to you!

    * Guaranteed 99.99% uptime - Service that meets mission-critical business needs.

    * Specialized T1 service team available 24x7x365

* With a 2 year contract; 1 year contract total savings equals $748.50.

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a t1 isn't just 1.5mbps. you can split it up into 24 voice channels. or half and half or whatever the frag you want with. generally a copper based solution unless fiber is available, the signal is transported on 4 wires instead of the 2 for pots. there is also some pricey equipment needed on both sides (which the telecoms operator will recoup by you monthly fees. so if you think about it the price isn't that high considering you're hooking up 24 phone lines to where you get it.

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