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Would you rather have dsl , cable or a t1.


business Cable t1 or sdsl  

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  1. 1. business Cable t1 or sdsl

    • Sdsl
    • t1
    • business cable
    • cable

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well i'm in Asia, Indonesia, Bali specifically.....in here other isp are the same...in fact isp i'm using now is cheaper than others....dial up cost USD 3 to USD 5/hour...crazy huh  :haha: :haha: if i upgrade to 128/32...i think it'll be a waste if fiber comes in so i'll wait and in the mean time all i can do is enjoy my crap connection, make fun of my friend's dial up and envy you guys....especially Van Buren :haha: :haha:

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. . .or FREE Dial-up

  [move]    [move]:rolleyes: [/move]  :haha:[/move]

:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 118 Kbps about 0.1 Mbps (tested with 97 kB)

Download Speed is:: 14 kB/s

Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2)

Test Time:: Thu Sep 29 05:13:14 PDT 2005

Bottom Line:: 2X faster than 56K 1MB download in 73.14 sec

Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 59.46 % faster than the average for host (nocharge.com)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-DKI8NM6TO

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i dont know why anyone voted SDSL...the topic said if u could have..., it doesnt say whether u have to pay or not, i think the best choice would easily be buisness cable, best download speeds and a ok upload speed, even if u do get reliability with a T1, look at its crappy download speeds and its cost, but we're not talking about cost.

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