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What can your Gmail do for you?


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I currently have one of my gmail accounts loaded up with my mp3 collection, so I can have access to it anywhere (I've lost hundreds of mp3s in the past due to crashes).  I use the Gmail drive shell extension and can send stuff straight to my account.  I have special filters/labels set up so my gmail account is basically like my own personal Itunes store...except its free :D 

Does anyone here use their gmail for anything else other than mail? 

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I have read about using your gmail for on-line data storage before.

Do you mind posting a guide on setting that up, ZeroOne?

And, BTW, I also have 100 Gmail invites to give out (though I am surprised Gmail is still doing it that way).

I think that the reason for google doing this is to stop bots or porno sites or something of the sort to make tons of email accounts, or simply to stop people from just creating emails accounts over and over and then never using them again.

You may have noticed that now google is allowing people to sign up with cell phones.  Again, its harder to sign up with a cell phone, so automated thingies cant just sign up for accounts randomly (at least...i dont think they could?)

I think what they're doing is justified because its not such an inconvenience that its to the point of being annoying(at least, not to me)


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They limit attachment size to 10Mb.  I'm using a gmail account for storage using the shell extension (ugh, but the version I have doesn't work anymore, guess Google changed something). :)

The above is what I'm doing...you need to download the latest version of gmail shell extension and it'll work fine. 

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I have read about using your gmail for on-line data storage before.

Do you mind posting a guide on setting that up, ZeroOne?

It's quite simple really, but first you have to install the gmail drive shell extension (it basically adds your gmail account as a 'drive' on your PC).  You can get it here: http://www.viksoe.dk/code/gmail.htm

Once you get that, you will be able to right click on any file( 10MB or less) on your PC and send it to your gmail account.  The files you send skip the inbox and automatically get archived. 

For my music collection, I created a filter whereby all incoming files (in my case mp3s) get starred and are labeled 'music'.  You can then label those files with the Artist or Album name as labels. 

This is what I have under the 'Filters' tab of the gmail settings:

The following filters are applied to all incoming mail: 

Matches: subject:GMAILFS--------> everything you send with your gmail drive has this as the sub.

Do this: Skip Inbox, Star it, Apply label "Music"

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Well I got 100 invites aswell and I won't be using them anytime soon :P So once everyday for the next 5 days I will post 20 invite links and please don't be greedy.





















Enjoy :D

Very nice.. I won't be using them, but many other ppl from the forum will.. ;)

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