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I don't have FIOS but wondering if they limit bandwidth usage?


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I have heard that if you want to run a game server or whatever, that you need the business package. WIll they limit your bandwidth usage each month and if yes then why offer the high speeds if you can't use it all the time. If there is a limit then please post.

I don't think they care right now about your usage.  That may change over time as the number of users goes up.  Regarding servers, the AUP and TOS prohibit servers but they contradict themselves by promoting gaming.  I don't think they care if you setup a game server.

The problem you face is naming.  If you setup a server of any type on the dynamic residential connection, you'll need to use a dynamic DNS service to map your current ip address to a name you can give out.

If you are serious about the server side and can afford the $99 per month business static plan, go with it.  That's what I have and I can run any server I want.  I have a number of services running 24x7. 

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